2020 International Women's Day - a celebration

On Friday 6th March, we were thrilled to celebrate the women who live love or work in Port Phillip and recognise those that come before us at our Live Love Work Port Phillip, 2020 International Women’s Day Breakfast.

It was a fantastic morning, for a great cause where over 120 people came together to hear inspiring local stories and had the opportunity to mix and mingle with people who make up our community.

Live Love Work Port Phillip and our International Women’s Day Breakfast was developed by Ali and two other local female entrepreneurs who are passionate about building connection and community with a place they love.

The Port Phillip community is a magnificent kaleidoscope of people who live, visit, and work in Port Phillip.  They are unique, diverse, entrepreneurial, creative and have plenty of heart, soul and smarts, but mostly we are authentic, welcoming and respect and celebrate each others differences.

We are looking forward to building stronger connection with the Port Phillip social and business communities over the coming year.

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved, call Ali directly on 0411 135 317 or email alison@roadmapstrategy.com.au

Check out the clip from our 2020 Breakfast https://vimeo.com


It took a village to deliver the Live Love Work Port Phillip, 2020 International Women's Day Breakfast and ours is made up of some pretty great people and Port Phillip businesses


Alison McDowell, Marketing Director, Roadmap Strategy

Georgie Stayches, Chief Engagement Officer, Fetching Events & Communication

Vesna Grdjan, Client Relationship Manager, The Incubator

Major Supporters

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Charity Partner


Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre, Azalea Flowers, Bunnings, Gasworks Arts Park, Gewuzhaus, Higher Living, Linen House, Luna Park Melbourne, Ora Recovery, Pizzini Wines, South Melbourne Market, The Garden of Eden Nursery, William Angliss Institute, West Beach Bathers Pavilion, thl - maui, Britz & Mighty Campervan Rentals


Bernadene has been a resident of Port Phillip for almost 20 years and has three primary school aged children and two Labradors, Bronte and Paris. All of her family are actively involved in the community and love living in Port Melbourne.

Georgina Dragwidge

Georgina Dragwidge founded Georgie's Harvest at South Melbourne Market in 2011 and is the recipient of multiple awards at the Melbourne Market Awards. Extraordinarily passionate about fresh seasonal produce, Georgina is equally committed to supporting local farmers and the market community.

Dinah Boswell

Dinah Boswell, Life Member and President of the South Melbourne Life Saving Club, shared some of the history of the club, by sharing the story of Aileen “Mac” Kennedy, the woman who was the driving force behind the club’s revitalisation in 1944.

Our talented musician:

Kate Worley

Music by Kate Worley, Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), South Melbourne.

Vogue Welcomes Members

Vogue Australia have tapped into the holy grail of membership marketing, and it’s delivered a 300% increase in subscribers since launch.

“Vogue VIP is a personalised membership loyalty program rewarding subscribers and offering rarefied access into the world of Vogue" said Vogue Australia editor-in-chief, Edwina McCann.

Designed to reward members with benefits members desire, rewarding their brand loyalty and build engagement and will in turn reward Vogue Australia with growth, retention and connection with members of their VIP members beyond the pages of their magazine.

Vogue VIP offers benefits in addition to monthly magazine include:

  • Exclusive behind the scenes content
  • VIP member event invitations
  • Opportunities to network within the Vogue community
  • Connection with business mentors
  • Digital magazine access and exclusive offers

When members or in this case Vogue VIP’s are at the heart the organisation, great things can happen.

Interview Series: Customer centricity and staying relevant

During our recent radio interview with the team at 94.7 The Pulse Breakfast Show, Alison McDowell, Roadmap Strategy and Georgie Stayches, Fetching Events & Communication chatted with the 94.7 The Pulse team about customer centricity and meeting their needs now, and evolving your product and service needs in the future to remain relevant.

Listen to our interview


Iceland Foods - Removing Palm Oil

Consumers are increasingly attracted to brands that share their social values, and it is well documented that they are prepared to pay more for products from more socially responsible companies.

British supermarket, Iceland Foods listened, and as a result announced they would remove palm oil from their own branded products by the end of 2018.

The marketing team at Iceland Foods developed the following integrated marketing campaign to ensure their audience was aware of this change:

·     TVC – a rebrand of a Greenpeace palm oil advertisement

·     Extensive TV advertising anticipated to cost $500k pounds sterling

·     Experiential Marketing - an oranutang on the loose in London

·     Ongoing eNewsletters

·     No Palm Oil stickers on packaging

The advertisement was brilliant.  Emotive, engaging and childlike in its simplicity, telling a heartbreaking story of orangutans loosing their homes as a result of deforestation so humans can source palm oil for their food and shampoo.  The ad concludes with an announcement that Iceland Foods is removing palm oil from their private label products.

Iceland Foods have listened to their customers, they understand their values and are have responded with changes to their product range.

What could possibly go wrong?  Well, the TVC didn’t comply with UK advertising regulators and was banned from being aired commercially.

Rather than rolling over, the marketing team at Iceland Foods came into their own.  They told their audience via a media release and social media that the advertisement had been banned in the UK and asked everyone to watch and share the ad to get the message out there.

The results were exceptional, the TVC has now been viewed over 65 million times, brand consideration increased 25% during launch week and the Iceland Foods talkability in the supermarket segment went from #7 to #2.

Congratulations to Iceland Foods for listening to your customers, changing your product and delivering a great integrated campaign that that has stimulated a global conversation about palm oil.

In Australia

Zoos Victoria are calling for mandatory labelling of palm oil to help put pressure on food companies to start using sustainably produced palm oil.

To find out more. and support Zoos Victoria on this journey please visit the link below.


Christmas with John Lewis and Elton John

Open letter to John Lewis & Partners

Last year you lost me. But this year you’ve won me back.

You reminded me that some gifts are more than a gift, and of Christmas memories that that I will treasure forever.

Your past creative has owned the emotion, wonder, fantasy and the spirit of Christmas, and it was recognised as nothing short of brilliant. But with competitors emulating your approach, you bravely changed direction to occupy a new part of my heart - and you have unquestionably succeeded.

Your 2018 Christmas advertisement is brave, emotive, tugged at my heart strings, and oh what and ending. I admire and applaud your new creative direction. You own a new place in my heart.

Congratulations John Lewis & Partners on your brilliant work, and Merry Christmas from the team at Roadmap Strategy.

Marysville Jazz and Blues - And that's a wrap

We are ecstatic about the results we delivered for the 2018 Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend.  Our client’s goal was to achieve a 24% increase in ticket sales, so we delivered an 87% increase.   In addition, these visitors injected over $300k into the local economy.

How Roadmap Strategy achieve these results?

  • We worked with our client to understand their business, their audience and develop marketing goals, strategies, objectives and tactics
  • We developed their brand and partnered with creative agency The Incubator to create a campaign design that connected emotionally with the locals and the target market
  • A detailed activity plan was created where we shared responsibility of execution between ourselves and the Committee for an integrated approach to marketing
  • A partnership with RACVTicketing was developed and we worked closely with event partners, Yarra Ranges Tourism, Visit Victoria and Murrindindi Shire Councilto connect with their audience and add value to their offering.
  • We monitored marketing metrics and lead indicators to maximise marketing performance and manage the unprecedented growth of interest of the 2018 Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend

We couldn’t have done it without these great partners, and we're pretty chuffed they had nice things to say about our work.  We can’t wait to work with them again soon.

Helen Charles, RACV Ticketing

“It has been a pleasure to work with Ali from Roadmap Strategy to promote the Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend to RACV members across Victoria.  From the very beginning Ali was clear about sales and marketing strategies for the 2018 event.  We worked together on a sales and marketing plan using RACV channels to appeal to members who are interested in regional music events.  This event was excellent content for our EDM’s and Royal Auto Magazine.  The beautiful branding and images were given to us in the perfect format to make it easy to promote using our social media and digital channels.  Ali was proactive throughout the promotional period to ensure that we maximized all opportunities to promote the event to RACV members.  We are looking forward to promoting the 2019 event”.

Charles Thomas, Yarra Ranges Tourism

“This branding is incredible! Taking the festival to another level”.

Matt Thomas, Murrindindi Shire Council

“Well I’d say you were extremely proactive in informing and updating on how things were travelling and that you utilised opportunities to work with Council to promote the event well.

The information you supplied was useful and tailored to our promotion options (FB tiles etc) which in turn made supporting the promotion of the event an easy process”.

Marysville - a town rebuilding needs a rebuilt brand

We were engaged by the Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend to develop their brand identify, connect them with their target audience and of course achieve record attendance at this years’ event.

But what was the point of difference for this jazz and blues weekend.     It was in the essence and the soul of Marysville itself – it’s a town that rebuilt after the Black Saturday fires, it is about local people, local makers, local produce and a village set in the Australian bush with an abundance of wildlife.  For the locals it’s their village, their community and where they belong.  For visitors it’s about the mystical and magical journey through the Black Spur to the village that is Marysville.

Our fork in the road was to the choice between playing the tourism icon card or winning the hearts and minds of the locals.   For Marysville the choice was clear, and our journey began visually connecting the hearts of the locals with their village.  A visual identity that they would share and that would tell the story of the 2018 Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend.

The Weekends identity has been set for the 2018 Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend.  It captures nature, renewal, energy and regrowth of the region while capturing the vibrancy of the region through the Australian King Parrots that call Marysville home.

This week we are proudly launched our creative to support building the brand for the Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend.   We look forward to sharing the execution of our marketing roadmap and the results of our work for the 2018 Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend soon.

Membership starts in your heart

Successful membership organisations put the customer at the centre of their business model rather than the product or the transaction.

They listen, they learn, they respond and they allow members into the inner sanctum of the organisation making them feel like they belong.  In short, good membership organisations win their members heart and trust.

In return members will share more information about themselves, welcome the opportunity to build a strong and positive relationship with you, be your strongest advocates, reduce the threat of competition and deliver reoccurring income.

Membership can be a powerful and rewarding point of difference within a competitive market, especially when you truly focus on your members best interests.

Once you have membership in your heart and at the centre of your business model, your membership growth and and retention strategies will significantly increase by way of returns and return on investment.

Interview Series: Membership and Loyalty Programs

It was great to be interviewed by RPPM’s Jacki Mitchell on her program Taking Care of Business. We talked all things membership and loyalty programs from marketing, to RACV, Zoos Victoria, and how to connect with and keep your members.

If you would like to listen to the program, simply click on the link below:

Rise of the social enterprise

With 20,000 social enterprises operating in Australia and growing, this business model is the darling of entrepreneurs.

But what is a social enterprise?   It’s a hybrid organisation that applies commercial strategies to create social innovation through external stakeholders.

A popular social enterprise model is Profit For Purpose, where an organisation is profit driven, yet uses some of their profit to support their chosen cause.  With 75% of millennials and 51% of baby boomers prepared to pay more for products that are committed to social change this is a growth industry.

Consumers now define themselves by the brands they use, so it’s no surprise they are prepared to pay more for products that reflect their personal values rather than benefits such as cost or convenience.

A successful example is PARK Social Soccer Co. Operating since 2015, the companies vision is to help disadvantaged kids through the sport they love – soccer.  Through their Pass-A-Ball Project, for every ball purchased they pass a ball to a kid in need.  Thus far over 4,500 soccer balls have been distributed to disadvantaged kids across the globe.

Social enterprises marketing messaging must connect to their cause and engage their audience on an authentic and emotional level to be successful.  Trust and transparency are non negotiable.

Their cause is their ‘why’, their mission, and their true north and it must always come first in social enterprises for them to successfully engage and connect with their consumer audience.

Learn more about PARK Social Soccer Co. and join the movement.



Alison McDowell, Founder & Marketing Partner

Roadmap Strategy

17th May 2018