Customerise your website

Some web designers want to create a site that has a gadget or a gizmo or something “cutting edge” that proves that the brand is “innovative” and “progressive”. And what company isn’t tempted by this, showing that you are “leading the way” feels great, and delivers lots of back slapping and high fives around the office.

BUT, don’t forget it’s the customer who is the centre of your web development world., web designers were kind enough to post 8 tips for great websites on the web, but not one mentioned the customer. are not the minority in this space which is disappointing for the customer and a warning to all businesses ensure that your web designer supports a customer centric development focus.

Successful web designers and their sites are customer centric. Their goal is not to deliver the most visitors, achieve the highest number of page views or keep visitors online for the longest time, it is simply to provide the visitor with a great web experience that delivers the information they want and need in an efficient manner.

And forget the “build it and they will come” dream. Build it, market it, and they will come once if your lucky. Get it right and develop it for them and they will come again and again and again –AND they will tell their friends.

It is critical that when building a website that we have a deep understand of our target audiences. The key questions that need to ask ourselves are:

  • What information does our target audience (our customer) want
  • How do we get this information to them in the most efficient manner
  • How experienced are our customers using the internet
  • Do our visitors easily navigate the site?
  • Can we undertake usability testing

So let’s get customer centric not only on our websites but in everything and we will see and feel the difference.