Sharing achievements with impact

There are organisations everywhere making a difference, but the organisations that share their journey with their supporters, partners and donors build trust, connection and support.

Zoos SA are to be commended on their Impact Report.  Not only for their work in saving species from extinction and connecting people with nature, but for taking us on the journey with them so we can love and support them even more.

We can all learn something from how Zoos SA connect with their community.

Why brand positioning is important

Brand positioning is basically influencing the consumers’ attitude toward your brand. It's the place your brand owns in the consumers heart (or not).

When successful, brand positioning will drive the companies behaviour to a point that it will appear in research as the things customers notice about them.

Often referred to as the heart of your marketing strategy, simplicity in your brand positioning is the key to success.

Simple words that capture the essence of the offering in a way that is accessible to all members of the organisation and appeals to customers.  Complexity on the other hand will only serve to kill the brands execution.

And while simplicity is incredibly difficult to achieve, the rewards for achieving the simplicity holy grail is significant as the organisation treads the path to their true north, and success.

And the greatest initial test for brand positioning is whether your marketing team, your CEO, your customer service team can remember it unaided.  When they all come up with the same basic concept you are in with chance of building your brand.

If you need help with developing your brand positioning Roadmap Strategy would welcome the opportunity to work with you to help create clarity for your brand, and the path to your organisations true north.

Purposeful thinking is repositioning Toyota

Toyota is undertaking a once in a century profound transformation.   “Moving forward, Toyota will provide a diverse range of mobility services and transport solutions to people around the world as we transform Toyota into a mobility company” says Toyota President Akio Toyoda.

As the global ‘mobility partner’ of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Toyota has been working with Australian para-athletes to refine their equipment to ensure they can perform at their best.

Engaging the community in their journey as they transform into a mobility company is critical for Toyota’s success.  Toyota engaged Saatchi & Saatchi to create a campaign to showcase their ‘mobility for all’ philosophy.

This ad is the centre piece of the campaign.  It immediately captures the audience’s attention, sharing the brutal reality of wheelchair rugby, giving the audience insights into the strength, skills and determination of our incredible athletes......and the demands on their equipment.

The audience will see leadership, innovation, purposeful thinking and start repositioning Toyota in their mind from being a vehicle manufacturer to a mobility company bringing the ‘joy and freedom of movement to all’.

We hope you enjoy the Toyota ad, and meeting Riley Batt, OAM, Australian wheelchair rugby player and duel gold and silver medallist at four Paralympic Games.

We’d love to know how this ad made you feel.  Please share your thoughts with us at