Globally consumer travel behaviours and values are shifting.

We have been talking about slow travel for years, but like many things, covid-19 has accelerated consumers desire to take things more slowly, and as an industry and marketers many are clambering to catch up.

So what is slow travel?   It’s about slowing down, taking the time to embrace the journey as much as the destination.  It’s about catching a train rather than a plane, and not coming home from a holiday exhausted.

Research out of the UK is suggesting people are taking longer trips less often, the journey increasingly part of the holiday experience, and train travel continuing to gain modest market share.

With flights throughout Europe relatively short, many travellers are asking if they would be better environmentally and financially to travel by train.

Emissions from long distance rail is 20 times less than a commercial flight, with lawmakers in France exploring banning short-haul internal flights where train alternatives exist to reduce carbon emissions.

To further amplify interest in train travel and the environmental benefits, the European Union have claimed 2021 as the Year of Rail, further building consideration of train travel as an alternative to other transport types.

While the EU campaign is building on a solid base of customers, it is reaching a new target market with a narrative around being ‘green, safe and smart’.   The campaign is positioning train travel as innovative, a transport solution for the future and the socially responsible transport option when travelling though Europe for business and leisure.

Around the world, tourism will continue to undergo transformation as consumer behaviours and values shift.   Slow travel and a renewed love affair with train travel based on being green, safe and smart is just one the changes we are seeing and opportunity for the future.

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EU Year of Rail promotional video


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