Brand positioning is basically influencing the consumers’ attitude toward your brand. It’s the place your brand owns in the consumers heart (or not).

When successful, brand positioning will drive the companies behaviour to a point that it will appear in research as the things customers notice about them.

Often referred to as the heart of your marketing strategy, simplicity in your brand positioning is the key to success.

Simple words that capture the essence of the offering in a way that is accessible to all members of the organisation and appeals to customers.  Complexity on the other hand will only serve to kill the brands execution.

And while simplicity is incredibly difficult to achieve, the rewards for achieving the simplicity holy grail is significant as the organisation treads the path to their true north, and success.

And the greatest initial test for brand positioning is whether your marketing team, your CEO, your customer service team can remember it unaided.  When they all come up with the same basic concept you are in with chance of building your brand.

If you need help with developing your brand positioning Roadmap Strategy would welcome the opportunity to work with you to help create clarity for your brand, and the path to your organisations true north.