Christmas with John Lewis and Elton John

Open letter to John Lewis & Partners

Last year you lost me. But this year you’ve won me back.

You reminded me that some gifts are more than a gift, and of Christmas memories that that I will treasure forever.

Your past creative has owned the emotion, wonder, fantasy and the spirit of Christmas, and it was recognised as nothing short of brilliant. But with competitors emulating your approach, you bravely changed direction to occupy a new part of my heart - and you have unquestionably succeeded.

Your 2018 Christmas advertisement is brave, emotive, tugged at my heart strings, and oh what and ending. I admire and applaud your new creative direction. You own a new place in my heart.

Congratulations John Lewis & Partners on your brilliant work, and Merry Christmas from the team at Roadmap Strategy.

Marysville Jazz and Blues - And that's a wrap

We are ecstatic about the results we delivered for the 2018 Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend.  Our client’s goal was to achieve a 24% increase in ticket sales, so we delivered an 87% increase.   In addition, these visitors injected over $300k into the local economy.

How Roadmap Strategy achieve these results?

  • We worked with our client to understand their business, their audience and develop marketing goals, strategies, objectives and tactics
  • We developed their brand and partnered with creative agency The Incubator to create a campaign design that connected emotionally with the locals and the target market
  • A detailed activity plan was created where we shared responsibility of execution between ourselves and the Committee for an integrated approach to marketing
  • A partnership with RACVTicketing was developed and we worked closely with event partners, Yarra Ranges Tourism, Visit Victoria and Murrindindi Shire Councilto connect with their audience and add value to their offering.
  • We monitored marketing metrics and lead indicators to maximise marketing performance and manage the unprecedented growth of interest of the 2018 Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend

We couldn’t have done it without these great partners, and we're pretty chuffed they had nice things to say about our work.  We can’t wait to work with them again soon.

Helen Charles, RACV Ticketing

“It has been a pleasure to work with Ali from Roadmap Strategy to promote the Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend to RACV members across Victoria.  From the very beginning Ali was clear about sales and marketing strategies for the 2018 event.  We worked together on a sales and marketing plan using RACV channels to appeal to members who are interested in regional music events.  This event was excellent content for our EDM’s and Royal Auto Magazine.  The beautiful branding and images were given to us in the perfect format to make it easy to promote using our social media and digital channels.  Ali was proactive throughout the promotional period to ensure that we maximized all opportunities to promote the event to RACV members.  We are looking forward to promoting the 2019 event”.

Charles Thomas, Yarra Ranges Tourism

“This branding is incredible! Taking the festival to another level”.

Matt Thomas, Murrindindi Shire Council

“Well I’d say you were extremely proactive in informing and updating on how things were travelling and that you utilised opportunities to work with Council to promote the event well.

The information you supplied was useful and tailored to our promotion options (FB tiles etc) which in turn made supporting the promotion of the event an easy process”.