Marysville - a town rebuilding needs a rebuilt brand

We were engaged by the Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend to develop their brand identify, connect them with their target audience and of course achieve record attendance at this years’ event.

But what was the point of difference for this jazz and blues weekend.     It was in the essence and the soul of Marysville itself – it’s a town that rebuilt after the Black Saturday fires, it is about local people, local makers, local produce and a village set in the Australian bush with an abundance of wildlife.  For the locals it’s their village, their community and where they belong.  For visitors it’s about the mystical and magical journey through the Black Spur to the village that is Marysville.

Our fork in the road was to the choice between playing the tourism icon card or winning the hearts and minds of the locals.   For Marysville the choice was clear, and our journey began visually connecting the hearts of the locals with their village.  A visual identity that they would share and that would tell the story of the 2018 Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend.

The Weekends identity has been set for the 2018 Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend.  It captures nature, renewal, energy and regrowth of the region while capturing the vibrancy of the region through the Australian King Parrots that call Marysville home.

This week we are proudly launched our creative to support building the brand for the Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend.   We look forward to sharing the execution of our marketing roadmap and the results of our work for the 2018 Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend soon.


In addition to developing the events visual identity, Roadmap Strategy developed and delivered the marketing strategy to build the brand and drive attendance to the event.   Read more about our strategy and our results in the article below.

Membership starts in your heart

Successful membership organisations put the customer at the centre of their business model rather than the product or the transaction.

They listen, they learn, they respond and they allow members into the inner sanctum of the organisation making them feel like they belong.  In short, good membership organisations win their members heart and trust.

In return members will share more information about themselves, welcome the opportunity to build a strong and positive relationship with you, be your strongest advocates, reduce the threat of competition and deliver reoccurring income.

Membership can be a powerful and rewarding point of difference within a competitive market, especially when you truly focus on your members best interests.

Once you have membership in your heart and at the centre of your business model, your membership growth and and retention strategies will significantly increase by way of returns and return on investment.

Interview Series: Membership and Loyalty Programs

It was great to be interviewed by RPPM’s Jacki Mitchell on her program Taking Care of Business. We talked all things membership and loyalty programs from marketing, to RACV, Zoos Victoria, and how to connect with and keep your members.

If you would like to listen to the program, simply click on the link below: