For some time, people have been discussing slowing down, engaging in more meaningful experiences, searching for human connection and embracing a sense of community.

This is not new news, but have we been listening?

People have been escaping to their neighbourhood, engaging and connecting with local experiences, and when they head further afield, searching for villages, makers and authentic connections. But have we been listening?

And then came along COVID-19.

Locals continue to be passionate about the place they live, and want local businesses and people to be prosperous, happy and connected.

Successful businesses are maintaining and building new relationships with their community, through storytelling, advertising, promotion and great customer service. These businesses haven’t gone dark, they are focused on their share of voice and building an army of local ambassadors who will encourage their friends, relatives and visitors to support them as we move out of COVID-19 and beyond.

How are you building your market share?