What is cause related marketing?

Cause-related marketing is a mutually beneficial collaboration between a for-profit and a non-profit designed to promote the for-profit sales and the non-profit cause.

A great example of cause-related marketing is the relationship between Qantas and UNICEF Australia.  Twenty three years ago, these organisations created their highly successful Change for Good partnership.  The partnership invited Qantas passengers to off load unwanted foreign currency after travelling on an international flight, and has collected in-excess of $28 million to support UNICEF’s global child health, child protection and education programs.

Successful cause related marketing starts with selecting the right partner.

For-profits need to understand their customers values and what’s important them.  When selecting your non-profit partner consider the relevance to your business ie industry, geographic connection, size, shared values and vision.

Choosing the right partner with a natural fit will improve engagement with your customers and brand association value and deliver better return for all parties.

Examples of industry collaboration ideas include:

Aligned values is critical to successful long term partnerships.  Shared organisation values, supported by strong relationships between their people become the glue that build strong lasting partnership, that campion and celebrate each other’s businesses for the benefit of both organisations.

With consumers increasingly defining themselves with the brands they use, it is no surprise they are prepared to pay more for products and brands that that reflect their personal values.

So choose carefully, the benefits and value for all parties can be immense driving for-profit sales, promoting the non-profit cause, and stronger customer relationships.

Roadmap Strategy is a niche marketing agency based in South Melbourne.   We welcome the opportunity to work with you to explore and develop for-profit and non-profit cause related business partnerships.